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Robo Bird

Full Name Unknown
Born Unknown
Position Moderator
Joined Club Penguin 2013
Left Club Penguin N/A
Penguin Name Robo Bird
Robo Bird's current player card

Robo Bird is one of the Club Penguin Moderators. He was first mentioned by Businesmoose in March 2013 during the announcement that Businesmoose was leaving.


  • He was one of four candidates for taking the place of Businesmoose as Club Penguin Blogger and Social Media staff member, but he was not voted to take the place of Businesmoose as a Club Penguin Blogger and Social Media staff member. It was Ninja.
  • Along with Super Sheep and Tour Guide, he is the only moderator to dress as their name suggests.
  • Along with Smulley, he isn't a member.
  • He was spotted in the Spike Hike's Friendship Party.


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