Return of the Space Squid
CP HP 015

Plot Astronauts crash on and explore Mars, while the Space Squid's returns for revenge.
Dates February 17, 2013
Characters Astronauts, Space Squids, Gary the Gadget Guy
Music Unknown
Background Yes (Space Squid Background)
Not to be confused with the set of this movie.

Return of the Space Squid is a film in Club Penguin. Many penguins helped film and direct it for the Hollywood Party by using the Return of the Space Squid Set. Only members were allowed to take part in filming in which it was the third and final film in a penguin's quest to become a superstar.


Like the other Hollywood Party films, very little plot is revealed. It appears that the astronauts are in a space ship which then crashes on Mars, and the Space Squids inhabiting Mars reveal themselves to the penguins and begin their attack. It is apparent that in the original they may have attacked Club Penguin and been defeated, hence that they want revenge.


The Club Penguin Times critics gave Return of the Space Squid a positive review.

"Sci-fi does not get any slimier than this. Alien performances are astroid-nomical, the craters are craterish, and the tentacles are tantalizing."


  • In the trailer, the squid is seen to teleport, although this was not in the actual gameplay or was just a special effect.
  • A poster advertising this play was seen at the Beach at Halloween Parties since 2013.