Red Triceratops Puffle Egg
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Available No
Type Hand Item
Member item Yes
Party Prehistoric Party 2014
Cost Free
Where found Dino Dig
Item ID 5411
Unlockable No

The Red Triceratops Puffle Egg was a hand item in Club Penguin. All members were able to obtain it during the Prehistoric Party 2014 via Dino Dig. It contained a Red Triceratops Puffle inside, which could only be hatched by bringing the egg to the Volcano and heating it on a hotspot three times.


Party Game Available from Available until
Prehistoric Party 2014 Dino Dig January 29, 2014 February 6, 2014


  • It did not appear in your inventory because it was only meant as a temporary item to hold. Once hatched, you could not re-obtain it.
  • In-game, it looked as large as your penguin.


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