Red Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Red

Available Yes
Attitude Adventurous and extreme
Member only No
Favorite toys Three bowling pins, cannon, helmet, parachute
Play action Super: Puts on a helmet and hops in a cannon. It then shoots out parachuting back down.
Strong: The puffle acts like a bowling ball and knocks down all pins. Then, he catches all the pins on his head.
Weak: Acts like a ball and only knocks down 2 pins, so it blows the last one down.
Dance Bounces up and down.
Tongue color Orange
Speed 3rd Fastest
Special features Originally from Rockhopper Island.
Elite Puffle Items Star Cannon, Helmet (Elite puffle, Blast)
Favorite Games Catchin' Waves, Puffle Launch
ID 755

Red Puffles originally came from Rockhopper Island. The most famous Red Puffle, Yarr, belongs to Rockhopper. Like all other kinds of puffles, Red Puffles need to be loved and cared for. If you are walking a Red Puffle and enter Catchin' Waves, it will join you in the game and help you score more points. But if you choose Survival Mode, the Red Puffle (along with the other penguins) will, ironically, look scared and not join you. This is frowned upon by several players, as Red Puffles are supposed to be fearless. In March 2011, Red Puffles became the main puffle in another game, Puffle Launch.


The Red Puffle was first introduced on December 8, 2006 (just in time for Christmas) when Rockhopper brought them to Club Penguin Island, after discovering his famous puffle Yarr, who is a Red Puffle. It is currently one of the two puffle colors non-members can buy. As seen in the book Christmas on Rockhopper Island, Red Puffles were taught to surf by Yarr, a famous Red Puffle that belongs to Captain Rockhopper.


Attitude: Adventurous, extreme, courageous.

Favorite toys: Bowling Pins and a Cannon.

Elite Puffle Items: Star Cannon, Helmet.

Special facts: Originally from Rockhopper Island.

Favorite game: Catchin' Waves, Puffle Launch

Play: Acts as a bowling ball and knocks over 2 pins. He blows down the 3rd.

Play: Shoots itself out of a cannon and then safely parachutes back to the ground.

Bath: Gets out its surfboard and catches some waves in the bath.

Favorite Food: Stinky Cheese

Gum: Blows a bubble and swallows the air inside it. It then floats around like a balloon, quickly deflating.

Dance: Bounces up and down.

Postcard: Come and see my red puffle!

Brush: Gives the Red Puffle a temporary mowhawk.

Sleep: Sleeps normally.

Puffle Handbook Description

From the wilds of Rockhopper Island, they love adventure. Puffle experts wonder what secrets they hold.


There are 2 stamps you can get with Red Puffle in Catchin' Waves.

Puffle Surfin': Take your Red Puffle to a surf lesson (Easy).

Podium Puffle: Finish in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place with your puffle (Medium).

Famous Red Puffles

There are multiple famous Red Puffles. They are:



Famous Red Puffles

Red Puffle in-game

Red Puffle caring card

Red Puffle actions

Red Puffle plushes



Names in other languages

Language Name
PortuguesePuffle Vermelho
FrenchLe Puffle Rouge
SpanishPuffle rojo
GermanRoter Puffle
RussianКрасный пафл


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