Club Penguin has a large variety of art and images. Some of the paintings, artwork, and other objects, that appear in several places, are based on real-life art. This page lists these creations.

Real life art

American Gothic

Main article: American Gothic|wikipedia:American Gothic|American Gothic

American Gothic is a painting by Grant Wood. The painting features two farmers, where a house in the Carpenter Gothic style is featured. In Club Penguin it is featured in the Tunnel.

Chandos portrait

Quest 7 Theater Shakespeare

Chandos portrait

Main article: Chandos portrait|wikipedia:Chandos portrait|Chandos portrait

The Chandos portrait is a portrait of William Shakespeare. It is believed it was drawn between 1600 and 1610.
It is hung on the back of the Stage in the mission Clockwork Repairs.

Four Marilyns

Some of the paintings by Andy Warhol, an American artist, can be seen around Club Penguin. One of their most famous is the Four Marilyns, which contains 4 identical portraits with different colors. A recreation of it could be seen at the Tunnel during the Halloween Party 2012. There is also a similar furniture, however, with 9 portraits- the Pop Art Painting.

Lady with an Ermine

Main article: Lady with an Ermine|wikipedia:Lady with an Ermine|Lady with an Ermine

Lady with an Ermine is a painting by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. It could be seen at the Tunnel during the Halloween Party 2012.

Mona Lisa

Main article: Mona Lisa|wikipedia:Mona Lisa|Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is another painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The painting is available as a furniture item. The painting was also seen at the Hallway during the Halloween Party 2012 and at the Beach during the Muppets World Tour.

Saint George and the Dragon

Main article: Saint George and the Dragon|wikipedia:Saint George and the Dragon|Saint George and the Dragon

Saint George and the Dragon is the name given for a series of paintings through the 15 hundreds until today. It features a knight defeating a dragon, and saving a princess. It could be seen at the Hallway during the Halloween Party 2012.

The Scream

Main article: The Scream|Wikipedia:The Scream|The Scream

The Scream is a series of 4 paintings by Edvard Munch, each entitled under the same name. In Club Penguin one of the versions can be seen in the Hallway.

The Son of Man

Main article: The Son of Man|wikipedia:The Son of Man|The Son of Man

The Son of Man is a painting by the Belgian surrealist artist, René Magritte. The painting could be found at the Tunnel during the Halloween Party 2012.

Whistler's Mother

Main article: Whistler's Mother|wikipedia:Whistler's Mother|Whistler's Mother

Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1 (mostly known as Whistler's Mother) is an oil painting by the artist James McNeill Whistler. It has been on display at the Lodge Attic ever since its rennovation in 2015, and also made an appearance in the Mansion Attic during the Halloween Party 2012.


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