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Rarity is a measure for items that are exclusive to a group of players. An item is defined as rare if it is old and has not been reintroduced. The definition of "rarity" and when an item becomes rare is changed among different players. For this wiki, the definition for rarity is an item that hasn't been reintroduced in at least 4 years. Therefore, the items listed on this page are items that were last available in 2011 or before.


A player who joined Club Penguin 4+ years ago (in 2005-2011) usually owns many rare items, and is generally looked up on by newer players. For example, the Party Hat given out during the server testing party - 1 month before the public release of Club Penguin - is considered rare because many beta testers have stopped playing the game or were banned, leaving a small amount of players still with it and rendering it rare to come by. Players usually demonstrate their "rareness" by wearing their oldest clothes and showing their ability to match the clothes of any penguin they come across, leading to competitions where players try and match each other until one fails to do so.

List of Rare Items

Rare items are either old, making them not always available, which makes it "rare" or one-time items (Anniversary hats, pins, etc.). Rarity is a long sought after goal in new penguins. The items listed below are "rare" because they're only available in some parties, they have not been in a catalog for a while, or it has been confirmed by the Club Penguin Team that it will never come back.

Head Items

Face Items

Neck Items

Body Items

Hand Items

Feet Items




Because the Penguin Mail was only released on July 14, 2008, every postcard that was last available before this date cannot be kept in the mailbox. Some older postcards have been replaced with new ones as well.




Some names are considered rare in the fashion that they are common words that would be in high demand and that only one lucky player was able to claim it first. Rare names are usually four letters or have no numbers in them (indicating the fact that nobody has claimed it before). Here are a few rare names, of which, have already been taken and most that have taken them are Beta Testers.

  • Alfa
  • Beta
  • Cool
  • Dude
  • Awesome
  • Ninja
  • Penguin
  • Puffle
  • Speedy
  • Sonic
  • Shadow
  • Jedi
  • Peng
  • Flipper
  • Test
  • Tester
  • Hello
  • Dark
  • Wiki
  • Wikia
  • Happy
  • Fano
  • Berry
  • Waddle


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