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Operation Puffle Rapids

Where The Wilderness
Opened November 21, 2013
Closed December 5, 2013
Mini-games Puffle Chase
Room ID 857
Tour Description
Whoa! Rapids here! There's a whirlpool that sucks you in, try to stay together! It can be fun to ride these rapids, just call for help if you fall in!

The Rapids are a room in Club Penguin's Wilderness, located near the Ice Falls and the River Cave. It was explored only during Operation: Puffle in the nighttime, having a searchlight and red lights placed in the area to aid in navigation, and to locate the Pink Puffle's rescue point.


  • Whenever you go onto the river, a boat will appear as if you are riding it and take you down through the rapids.
  • What appears to be a whirlpool could be seen in the river, which was mentioned in issue #422 of the Club Penguin Times as something that "could suck you in if you're not careful about rafting".[1] However, it never sucked in any penguins.
  • In this room, penguin avatars are scaled smaller than in the other Operation: Puffle rooms because of the wide viewpoint of the room.
  • This is where the Pink Puffle had to be rescued.




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