Rad Scientist
Rad Scientist

Full Name Rad Scientist
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Actor
Appeared Night of The Living Sled (Live)
Color Yellow
Clothes Items Rad Scientist Wig
Rad Scientist Costume
Graduation Cap
Related To Unknown
Friends With Living Sled
Meetable Character? No
BWA HA HA! It's alive!
— The Rad Scientist upon creating the Living Sled

The Rad Scientist (also known as the Evil Scientist) is the penguin who created the Living Sled. He appears in the Stage play Night of The Living Sled (Live). He wears the Rad Scientist Wig or a Graduation Cap (in the stage play and movie version respectively).

Night of the Living Sled

His only appearance is in the first Night of the Living Sled movie, in which he turned on the Monster Maker 3000 that made the sled come to life. He also appeared in the Night of The Living Sled (Live) play.