Quick Chat button

The button used to access Quick Chat

Quick Chat is a feature in Club Penguin Island that allows players to quickly use pre-defined phrases, in a similar way to the Fast Chat feature in the Toolbar from Club Penguin. There are two different kinds of phrases, one of which has a dark blue background and is available everywhere, while the second kind has a light blue background and varies depending on the player's current location. The first kind of phrase also each have an animation that the player's penguin performs while the phrase is being said.

Additionally, emojis can be accessed from Quick Chat.

List of phrases


Phrase Action
Yes Penguin looks up, then nods
No Penguin shrugs and shakes head
Hi Penguin waves
How are you? Penguin extends one flipper forward
Friend me! Penguin waves
Follow me! Penguin performs a "come here" gesture multiple times
LOL Penguin arches back, places one flipper on head and slaps stomach multiple times
GRRRR! Penguin angrily stamps foot on ground, punches the air multiple times, then lunges forward
Facepalm Penguin facepalms
That's what I'm talking about Penguin outstretches arms confidently and looks from side to side
Thanks! Penguin holds flippers to chest and shakes
Zzz Penguin crosses flippers, leans forward and back a few times, then yawns
DANCE CONTEST! Penguin spins in place on the ground, then jumps up
Very nice Penguin claps flippers
Sorry Penguin covers mouth with flippers, then covers eyes, then looks down and puts flippers behind back
*shrug* Penguin leans far to each side, then shrugs shoulders
WHAT!!!!??? Penguin flails flippers, then places flippers on head, slides flippers down face, then droops downward
Worst. Day. Ever. Penguin shrugs then looks downward
I think I'm gonna... Penguin covers mouth with flippers, leans down, looks up, then quickly leans down again

Beacon Boardwalk


  • To the Migrator
  • To the Welcome Plaza!
  • Wanna ride the ziplines?
  • Where's the statue pointing?
  • Jump in the hot spring
  • Come to Coconut Cove
  • Lunch at the Foodtrekker!
  • Let's swim!
  • Race to the top of the Lighthouse!
  • Hi there, Aunt Arctic

The Migrator

  • Ahoy, me hearties
  • Batten down the hatches
  • Waddle the plank, scallywag!
  • I challenge ye to a duel!
  • Yo ho ho
  • They're attacking! Repeal boarders!


  • Let's say hi to the new penguins
  • Ready to blast off?
  • The water ripples where geysers appear
  • Tilt-o-tube is about to start[1]
  • Who will win the Tilt-o-tube?[1]
  • Tilters ready? Let's go![1]
  • They're gonna fall off…![1]
  • See seaweed? Grab it!

Hot springs

  • The water is perfect
  • This is heated by hot sauce
  • Ultimate relaxation
  • So many bubbles...
  • I'm. Never. Leaving.
  • Jump in the spring!
  • Jump into the cold water for a rush!

Fishing dock

  • Are the fish biting?
  • Good catch today
  • Fishing derby!
  • You won't believe what I caught!
  • It was GIGANTIC! I swear!
  • How do I get bait?


  • The daily special, please!
  • Who's hungry?
  • *is boss*
  • Can I take your order?
  • Order UP!
  • Ready for the bill?

Welcome Plaza

  • Get ready to DANCE!
  • The timer's counting down...
  • It's trampoline time!
  • The Welcome Shop sells Party Blasters[2]
  • There's a secret in the mosaic.
  • It's almost here...

Water Slide

  • Come sit!
  • Welcome to the picnic
  • What did you bring to eat?
  • To the waterslide!
  • Make a wish at the fountain!
  • The slide was built during the gold rush

Coconut Cove


  • Swim out to the island!
  • Let's get on stage!
  • River ride time!
  • What's behind the waterfall?
  • *suntans*
  • Jump on the blob!
  • Lifeguards, help!
  • *is shark*
  • Who made the ruins?


  • That was the volcano, not me.
  • Know any ghost stories?
  • The little boat sells squid sticks.
  • Got marshmallows?
  • Come sit!
  • It was a dark and stormy night...
  • Is something burning?!
  • That's a Beta Hat on the rock!


  • More guitar!
  • Anchors Aweigh!
  • Wicked keytar!
  • Everybody do the Fluffy!
  • Penguin Band Reunion Tour!
  • The stage is getting hot!

Lifeguard area

  • No running!
  • Everyone ok?
  • *throws lifering*
  • Everyone out!
  • Take turns on the airbag
  • How's the current today?
  • Looking good from up here!

Water currents

  • Time to tube!
  • Is that a buoy?
  • Tubing is life
  • Did you see a squid
  • *waves to the beach*
  • I'm getting thirsty
  • Great view from here!

Southwest island

  • Bring on the rock!
  • One two...One two THREE FOUR!
  • Let's hear it for the drums!
  • Any requests?
  • Quick, more keytar!
  • Everyone sign along!
  • Let's light this stage up!

Floating deck

  • Best spot in the cove
  • Watch out for the zipline
  • Cannonball!
  • They're coming in fast!
  • Think I can jump to the airbag?
  • Is there a free towel?
  • Platform party!
  • Anyone have a piñata?


  • Are these really old?
  • What's that stone with the hole?
  • The zipline goes to the floating platform
  • Want to play archaeologists?
  • Have you heard of a black pearl?
  • I've seen that spiral before...
  • To the Sea Caves!

The Sea Caves


  • Share air!
  • Follow me!
  • I'll follow you.
  • Watch out for trapper plants!
  • Where is the throne?
  • Can you swim all the way down?
  • What's at the bottom?
  • Hey look, bubbles


  • The Sea Caves go VERY deep.
  • Another ship crashed here?
  • That spiral symbol is everywhere...
  • I hear there's a treasure!
  • The cave is lit by crystals
  • Watch this dive!
  • Big jump from the balcony!
  • The crabs in here are tough.


  • Oooh shiny.
  • The race is to the left
  • Are there any mermaids?
  • Have you heard of Penglantis?
  • Who built all this?
  • *is mermaid*
  • Who needs a partner?
  • I know the story of how this sank...

Race Course

  • GO GO GO!
  • Boost to win!
  • Avoid those cacti!
  • Close race!
  • Great swimming everyone.
  • Best time yet!
  • I got squidded!
  • Don't forget air!

Party Sub

  • I heard this is a spy sub.
  • Ain't no party like a sub party!
  • Sonar says: GLOWSTICK PARTY!
  • Disco ball to full power!
  • What made these bite marks?
  • Turn up the SUB-woofers
  • The pipe leads to treasure!
  • DIVE DIVE! Oh wait...

Throne Room

  • *is royalty*
  • *is guard*
  • I'm in jail!
  • I'll free the prisoners!
  • Behold the magic sceptre!
  • That's MY throne!
  • Thank you my subjects!
  • Someone protect me!

Glow Grotto

  • What wondrous creatures
  • Whoa! Wild colors, dude
  • Glowsticks are sold here
  • This is as deep as it gets
  • We made it!
  • Race you to the top!
  • Great place for deep thoughts.
  • Underwater GLOW PARTY!

Crab Den

  • It's getting hotter.
  • Aww, cute crabs.
  • Yikes! Lava!
  • Is this where hot sauce comes from?
  • Nice place you got here.
  • Hey, don't pinch!
  • Do you guys know Klutzy?
  • So many crystals at the end.

Mt. Blizzard


  • Want to get some hot chocolate?
  • Snowball fight!
  • Did you see the yeti footprints?
  • Race you up the rock wall!
  • Let's race!
  • I can see the whole island from here
  • There are some fossils up there!
  • The snow tastes different up here

Crate Co.

  • Watch for deliveries
  • Throw snowballs at the targets
  • Special delivery!
  • This letter is for the North Pole
  • Firing mail cannon in 3, 2, 1…
  • Is that a Z in the logo?
  • Work together on the deliveries
  • I'll be the postmaster

Tube Smithy

  • Hey! There's a hole in my tube!
  • My tube's in the shop
  • Do you have tube air fresheners?
  • I'll patch that right up for you
  • This is the Tube Smithy
  • What's a smithy?
  • Good as new!

Gary's Lab

  • What's Gary's computer password?
  • The snow, it's densifying!
  • I'm observing space!
  • Eureka!
  • Gadzooks!
  • Pass me that magnifying glass
  • The claw!
  • What's in the ice block?

Runoff Rapids

  • Welcome to Runoff Rapids!
  • They say there's gold in the water
  • Cheer on the racers!
  • What did they mine here?
  • Race you to the Snowmelt Shop
  • Will my tongue stick to the bridge?
  • Can waterfalls freeze?
  • Who built this bridge?


  • Let's set up camp
  • Do you hear howling?
  • AWOOOOoooo
  • Are those yeti prints real?
  • I smell soup…
  • Smells like yeti
  • The yeti's existence is unproven
  • What kinds of bones are these?

Track stands

  • That's one super tuber!
  • I'm the best tube racer around
  • Anyone have racing advice?
  • Go Blue Team!
  • Look at them go
  • I'm their biggest fan
  • Go Red Team!
  • Get a touchdown!

Snowmelt Shop

  • Fresh hot chocolate here!
  • Picked the Choklidium this morning
  • Mmmm mmm smells great!
  • Best. Job. Ever.
  • Extra marshmallows?
  • Order up!
  • One mug, please
  • Bean bag chairs are the comfiest

Rescue Hut

  • I know first aid!
  • Need some help?
  • Are you cold or hurt?
  • *wraps bandages*
  • Report any accidents
  • Climb with a buddy
  • Any calls come in on the radio?
  • Safety first, everyone

Trampoline 3000

  • Who can bounce the highest?
  • Look ma, I'm flying!
  • But, I'm AFRAID of heights!
  • I call the orange one!
  • I want the green one!
  • Come jump with me
  • Throw a snowball when you bounce
  • Let's see if we can break the gauge!

Race start lines

  • Racers, start your tubes
  • Into the gates on 3
  • 1, 2, 3!
  • I'm going for the high score!
  • Who's that famous tuber?
  • Is Rookie's shack going to fall?
  • Go, go, go!
  • Tube racing is life

CPSN station

  • Welcome, penguin pals, to CPSN
  • Club Penguin Sports Network live
  • I'll work the camera
  • Let's watch the highlights
  • They won by a flipper!
  • It's a great day for tube racing
  • Let's check out the leaderboard

Ink or Swim

  • Here fishy fishy
  • I smell ink…
  • Nooo!
  • no squid no squid no squid
  • How's that ink?

Daily Challenges

Main article: Daily Challenges
The following challenges involve using Quick Chat.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
Wheel Be Going
RH quest icon
Solo Shout 3 orders from the Migrator's helm 20 coins and 40 XP No
5 Grrreat Pirates
AA quest icon
Community Have 5 pirates growl at the pirate flag with Quick Chat 25 coins and 40 XP No

Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseBate-papo rápido
FrenchChat rapide
SpanishChat rápido
German N/A
Russian N/A


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Prior to the 1.6.0 update, the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seven messages were "Watch out for penguins fishing!", "Want to chill out on the ice?", "Let's hit this geyser!", and "I see one!" respectively.
  2. Prior to the 1.1.1 update, the message was "The Welcome Market sells Party Blasters"

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