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Puffle Show

Where Ski Village
Opened February 18, 2010, February 17, 2011, March 15, 2012
Closed February 25, 2010, February 28, 2011, March 29, 2012
Mini-Games None
Room ID 852
Tour Description
This is the puffle show. Watch the puffles race!

The Puffle Show is a members-only feature for the Puffle Party 2010 and Puffle Party 2011, but it can be accessed by all players in Puffle Party 2012. Members can have fun with their puffles in this special feature. By standing in certain areas, your puffle will use the obstacle course, use the grooming section, or use the judging section.



  • If you bring a black puffle into the obstacle course, it will yawn, then go to the finish directly (not doing the obstacles) and it will stick its tongue out.
  • Non-members were only able to access this room in the Puffle Party 2012
  • In 2012, the Puffle Salon was replaced by a Photo Booth. By clicking on the camera there, players received the First Prize Puffle Background.
  • It did not return at the Puffle Party 2013.
Puffle photo booth
The Photo Booth in 2012, along with the free item.
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