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Puffle Roundup Area

Where Club Penguin Island, west of Pet Shop
Opened November 2005
Closed N/A
Mini-Games Puffle Roundup
Room ID  ?
Tour Description

Puffle Roundup Area or Wilderness is a place in Club Penguin which can be accessed in the game, Puffle Roundup. Puffles are found here. Many Pet Shop employees patrol here and capture stray puffles and give them shelter in the Pet Shop. This place is similar to a place in Penguin Chat 3. The old look of the puffles can be seen here. There is a small cage for capturing puffles. It is surrounded by un-explored areas of the Club Penguin Island. There are two trees below at each side.


  • This place was the Snow Room in Penguin Chat 3.
  • This is the oldest place along with Town.
  • It will never be able to waddle around in.
  • The trees in the bottom corners are the same as the ones in the original design of the Town.

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