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Puffle Pro
Puffle Pro

Full Name Puffle Pro
Species Penguin
Gender  ?
Position Puffle Hotel employee
Appeared Puffle Party 2013, all the time
Color Any
Clothes Items Puffle Trainers, Puffle Groomer Outfit, Puffle Hotel Cap, Spa Towel, Gourmet O'Berries
Related To Unknown
Friends With Puffles
Meetable Character? Yes (you can be one)

Puffle Pros are the penguins who work at the Puffle Hotel. They are known to be Puffle caring experts (they are also the only people who are able to obtain Rainbow Puffles). To apply, one must complete the Puffle Tasks located at the Puffle Hotel Lobby. Once you prove yourself with four tasks, you can head up to the Cloud Forest to adopt a Rainbow Puffle. They normally wear the Puffle Trainers, Spa Towel, Puffle Hotel Cap, Puffle Groomer Outfit, and Gourmet O'Berries. They are the main employees of the hotel, and they may work at the Pet Shop, as well.


  • The dance move when you are wearing all of the items look like you're cutting a Rainbow Puffle's fur with a shaver.
  • Not only you collect items, every time you complete a task, you earn 150 coins.


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