Puffle Party 2013 Catalog
Puffle Party 2013 Catalog Icon

The catalog's icon
Date released March 21, 2013
Available? No
Update frequency None
Items sold Clothing
Where found Puffle Hotel, Plaza

The Puffle Party 2013 Catalog was a catalog that could be found at the Puffle Party 2013. Only members could purchase items in the catalog.


Image Item Type
Black Puffle Costume icon Black Puffle Costume Body Item
Brown Puffle Costume Brown Puffle Costume Body Item
Blue Puffle Costume clothing icon ID 4543 Blue Puffle Costume Body Item
Green Puffle Costume clothing icon ID 4546 Green Puffle Costume Body Item
Rainbow Puffle Costume clothing icon ID 4810 Rainbow Puffle Costume Body Item
YellowPuffleCostumeItemIcon Yellow Puffle Costume Body Item
Orange Puffle Costume Orange Puffle Costume Body Item
Purple Puffle Costume Purple Puffle Costume Body Item
PinkPuffleCostumeItemIcon Pink Puffle Costume Body Item
Red Puffle Costume Item Red Puffle Costume Body Item
White Puffle Costume clothing icon ID 4549 White Puffle Costume Body Item
Puffle Raincoat Puffle Raincoat Body Item
I Heart My Rainbow Puffle T-Shirt clothing icon ID 4811 I Heart My Rainbow Puffle T-Shirt Body Item
Pufflepullover Puffle Pullover Body Item
The Rainbow clothing icon ID 1558 The Rainbow Head Item
Rainbow Puffle Hoodie clothing icon ID 4812 Rainbow Puffle Hoodie Body Item
Puffle Mania Shirt clothign icon ID 4807 Puffle Mania Shirt Body Item


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