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Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic

Book cover
Date released December 19, 2008,
December 16, 2010,
December 15, 2011
Found Book Room

Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic was an exclusive book in the Coffee Shop and Book Room available during the Christmas Party 2008, Holiday Party 2010 and Holiday Party 2011. It is unknown if it was made by the Snowball Press, as it is not in the library, rather it is on one of the desks in the Book Room. It features the seven Elite Puffles from the DS game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force living in the wilderness. Flit, a Green Puffle, is the main character.


Flit was wandering around Club Penguin Island and saw a giant Pine Tree. He decided to decorate it with O'berries like a Christmas tree. When he was lifting the last O'berry, his propeller cap got stuck in the tree's snow. When the other puffles arrived, they were amazed at the tree. When they saw Flit stuck on the tree, they made a plan to get him out, so they could sing in a Christmas carol sing-a-long. They got Flit out and he said, "Merry Christmas, puffle pals."

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  • It did not return during the Holiday Party 2009 because they were replaced by the Santa Chair feature.
  • This is the first time puffles could talk out of mind.
  • This returned during the Holiday Party 2010 in a table.
  • It's possible that the book's plot is set before the Elite Puffles became a part of the EPF.
  • For some reason, Blast (the Red Puffle) was made grumpy, and Flare (the Black Puffle) was made more cheerful.
  • Its title is a pun off of Practice Makes Perfect.


  • On the last page, if you point to the Puffles, it will show its name.

Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseAs aventuras dos amiguffles: A Mágica da Música
FrenchLes aventures d'une bande de puffles: La Magie de la Musique
SpanishLa Aventuras pufflísticas música hace magia
GermanPuffle-Abenteuer Musik wirky Wunder
Russian N/A


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