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Puffle Paddle

The gameplay.
Players 1-4
Controls Wii Remote
Minigame location Beach
Date released Sept. 17 - Australia, New Zealand
Sept. 21 - North America, Latin America
Sept. 24 - UK
Not to be confused with the Fall Fair game of the same name.

Puffle Paddle is one of the numerous mini-games in Club Penguin: Game Day!. The game is based on the Fall Fair mini-game, as you have to bounce as many puffles as possible for the longest time. Each color puffle (aside from the 4 main team color puffles) gives a different amount of coins/points.


In the game, four players simultaneously try to keep their puffles in the air using their color-coded paddle. Players can focus on their own puffle, simultaneously bounce other colored puffles, or push away other player's puffles. In addition, player can grab power-ups or coins. If the player's puffle falls, their paddle will flash for a short time, during which it cannot make contact with anything.


  • Power-Ups are concealed inside a bubble that pops upon hitting any paddle. The power-up must hit the paddle again to be usable.

List of Power-ups

  • Larger Paddle - enlarges the player's paddle
  • Smaller Paddle - shrinks the player's paddle
  • Anvil - The player's paddle will flash for a short time, during which it cannot make contact with anything.
  • Coin - gives the player five coins.


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