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This article is about hats for Puffles. For the penguin hat, see Puffle Hat (item).

A Blue Puffle wearing the Blue Earmuffs.

Puffle Hats are head items that only puffles can wear. They were first released on October 4, 2011. The first puffle hats were available for members only, but later several were available for all players.

Puffle Hats

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  • When a puffle is wearing a hat while dancing with a penguin its hat will disappear.
  • When a puffle wearing a hat plays with puffle furniture its hat will disappear.
    • The puffles art style will also change back to the old art style.
  • When a puffle wearing a hat does any type of activity its hat will disappear.
    • However, it reappears after the activity is over.
    • Sometimes, there is a glitch where the hat will not reappear after the activity it done, but will reappear when you enter a new room.
  • Penguins with an expired membership are still able to use the member-only puffle hats they bought while they had their membership.
  • The Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat is the first free puffle hat for non-members.
  • Most puffle hats are based off the items penguins wear.
  • If you put a hat on one of your puffles and then transform into it during a Puffle Party you lose the hat.


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