Puffle Guide
Puffle Guides Logo
N/A (It stated in Club Penguin Times issue #491 to submit a motto, but it was never released.)
Founded Puffle Party 2015 (March 26, 2015) by Puffle Handler
Closed N/A
Status Active
Leader Puffle Handler
Headquarters Ski Lodge
Alias(es) PGS

Puffle Guides were penguins who learn about puffles, nature and the secrets of the wilderness. They were founded on March 26, 2015 at the Puffle Party by Puffle Handler. They had discovered many different species of Puffle Creatures. As stated by Puffle Handler in issue #491 of the Club Penguin Times, "We don't just discover new places, we guide others so they treat them well too."

The Puffle Guides were planning on throwing a party on March 26, 2015 and were going to have a big fish cake at the Ski Lodge in honor of the release of Puffle Guides, but the party was canceled because the Sasquatch stole and ate the fish cake due to preferring scaly food over o' berries.



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