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Puffle Clocks are clocks shaped like puffles. They can be seen in certain places on the Club Penguin Island. The hands of the clocks are placed inside the puffles' mouths.


Orange Puffle Clock

Can be seen inside the Pet Shop near the doors. Was added during its renovation on March 8, 2011. It was removed on October 3, 2013, as the Gold O'berry Machine replaced its corner.

Black Puffle Clock

Was first seen in Operation: Spy & Seek in the Lodge Attic. It shows the real time. When clicked on it, it says: Do Black Puffles ever look this happy?, as Black Puffles are seldom happy. Another clock is hung up beside this one.

Blue Puffle Clock

Was added to the Everyday Phoning Facility during its renovation on August 8, 2013. Unlike the other clocks, it is not hung up on a wall, but rather placed on a table.


  • The puffle's eyes go in a left-right motion every half-second.
  • The Orange Puffle clock does not have buck teeth, like a real Orange Puffle does.


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