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Blue Bed

The Blue Bed, one of the Puffle Beds.

Puffle Beds are a series of room furniture items in Club Penguin. They are available to members via the Puffle Catalog, and placing them in an igloo allows puffles owned by the igloo owner to sleep in them, and therefore regain some of their stats.


The animation consists of a few key parts:

  1. The puffle stands on the right of the bed.
  2. It then blinks, yawns and jumps into the bed.
  3. A blanket covers the puffle, only leaving its mouth and eyes visible, as it sleeps with a ZZZ animation.
  4. When it wakes up, the puffle jumps out of the bed and lands on the other side.

List of Puffle Beds


  • Regardless of their color, any puffle that can be taken care of can use any bed.
  • When a puffle sleeps in one of them, it will still have its old design.

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