A game of Puffle-So-Cute-O
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Club Penguin Times (formerly)
Date released Unknown

Puffle So-Cute-O was a puzzle in the Penguin Times, usually on Page C4. It was only occasionally in the Club Penguin Times. This feature was discontinued when the look of the newspaper changed. The last time it was featured in the Club Penguin Times was in issue #262, which was released on October 21, 2010. The puffles used were Red, Black, Green, Pink, Purple, and Blue.


  • It was basically a simplified Sudoku with a 3x2 group area, and 6x6 total area.
  • You needed to make sure no puffle of the same color is in the same group, column, or row, and fill in the empty spaces.
  • To switch colors, you could click an empty cell.



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