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For the O-Berry plant, click here.
Box of Puffle O's

A Box of Puffle O's

Puffle-O's are the main food of all the puffles. While players are caring for their puffle, they have an option to feed it pet food; and when they do, they feed it Puffle-O's. Throughout Club Penguin, there are many references to Puffle-O's. There was once a pin for the box of Puffle-O's. It's made of O-Berries in a processed form.

Nutritional value

Puffle-o's Nutrition

The nutritional value of Puffle-O's.

Made From Locally Grown Organic Puffle-O Berries

Vitamin A - 5%
Vitamin B - 32%
Vitamin "Sea" - 21%
Iron - 6%
Magnesium - 80%
Plutonium - 0%
Dihydrogen monoxide- 13%
Do NOT Use If Pets Are Allergic To Applesauce


2007 Pet Shop Green Puffle eating Puffle-O's

A green puffle eating Puffle-O's inside the box.


Names in other languages

Language Name
FrenchLe Pinz Boîte de Croketos
RussianПафловые колечки

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