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Club Penguin Island
Club Penguin Island Logo
Platform Mobile
Developer Disney Canada Inc.
Publisher Disney Canada Inc.
ESRB rating N/A
Date released November 18, 2016 (closed beta)
2017 (full release)
Where your new adventures begin.
Club Penguin Island's official motto.
For Club Penguin Island's domain, see
Were you looking for the original game's island?

Club Penguin Island (formerly referred to as Project Super Secret until November 2016 and often referred to in marketing as "#ProjectSuperSecret") is an upcoming mobile-based, massively multiplayer online role-playing game which will arrive worldwide in early 2017. It is a rebooted successor of Club Penguin.


Pre-beta ("Project: Super Secret")

See main article: Pre-beta

Club Penguin Island was first mentioned in 2014 under the codename Project Super Secret by Spike Hike and described as the "next big thing for CP and beyond".

Many sneak peak videos and pictures were released pertaining to the project, beginning in June 2015.


On November 17, 2016, Project: Super Secret was officially revealed by Megg on the What's New Blog and the official website for Club Penguin Island was released. Here, players can pre-register their usernames for when the new game releases.



The island itself




Actions and communication


  • The emojis made their in-game debut in issue #556 of the Club Penguin Times.
  • Items, coins and puffles are not transferable from the desktop version. Therefore, players will be able to use emojis, get new clothes and collect secret items in the new game.[1]
  • The pre-registration started on November 17, 2016, and on November 18th invitations were sent out for closed beta; available to start testing on the same day.



The Island




Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseIlha do Club Penguin
FrenchL'Île de Club Penguin
SpanishIsla de Club Penguin
German N/A
Russian N/A

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