Prehistoric Party 2016 interface
Prehistoric Party 2016 interface icon
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Prehistoric Party 2016
Where? Everywhere

The Prehistoric Party 2016 interface was an interface available at the Prehistoric Party 2016. It allowed players to obtain various items (some of which required the player to dig up power fragments first), adopt a dinosaur puffle, or transform into a dinosaur.



Image Name Type Release date Members only
PrehistoricHardHat Rock Hard Hat Head Item January 20 No
PrehistoricBetaHat Prehistoric Beta Hat Head Item January 21 No
DinoHorns Dino Horns Head Item No
Gray Furry Boots clothing icon ID 6152 Gray Furry Boots Feet Item Yes
Some Prehistoric Shield Dino-leather Shield Hand Item January 23 No
Ugg Club clothing icon ID 5199 Ugg Club Hand Item No
Warm Furry Frock clothing icon ID 4778 Warm Furry Frock Body Item Yes
StoneHairdryer Stone Hair Dryer Hand Item January 25 No
PrehistoricSlingShot Prehistoric Sling Shot Hand Item No
The First Fire clothing icon ID 1532 updated The First Fire Head Item Yes
StoneHatchet Stone Hatchet Hand Item January 27 No
PrimalBracers Primal Bracers Hand Item No
Clothing Icons 4779 Dinosaur Hoodie Body Item Yes
PrehistoricKite Prehistoric Kite Hand Item January 29 No
AsteroidHead Asteroid Head Head Item January 30 No
AsteroidCostume Asteroid Costume Body Item Yes




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