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Postcard Catalog

Date released May 19, 2006[1]
Available? Yes
Update frequency Weekly
Items sold Postcards
Where found "Send Mail" button, Penguin Mail interface

The Postcard Catalog is a catalog in Club Penguin. It is used to send postcards to other players, and can be opened via the "Send Mail" button in another player's player card, or through the Penguin Mail interface.

The catalog consists of several pages- sorted by the subject of the postcards- each contains up to 6 different postcards. The catalog is usually updated once a week; sometimes with only a minor change in the order of postcard, and sometimes having brand new or returning postcards.


  • Whenever a stage plays was replaced, a postcard related to the new play was added to the catalog.
  • There have been several postcards with gifts inside them.


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