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Color Portal
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This portal is about Color

Colors are found on every penguin in Club Penguin. You can buy a color for 20 coins, and every penguin gets one free color when they register for Club Penguin. Apart from that, you need to pay for colors. When Club Penguin first launched, only members could buy new colors. On November 1, 2005, Non-Members were given the right to buy new colors.

List of Colors

Original Colors

These were the 12 original colors in Club Penguin.

Added Colors

These colors were not one of the original colors after launch. They were added at a later time by Club Penguin.

Unavailable Colors

These colors are currently not available in Club Penguin

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Blue Green Pink Black Yellow Dark Purple Brown Peach
PenguinsRed PenguinsOrange PenguinsDarkGreen PenguinsLightBlue PenguinsLime PenguinsAqua PenguinsWhite
Red Orange Dark Green Light Blue Lime Green Aqua Arctic White