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Animated Shorts
This portal is about Club Penguin Shorts

Club Penguin Animated Shorts are short animated episodes made by Disney under Club Penguin. They air on YouTube, Disney Channel, and Disney XD. On rare occasion, Disney airs these shorts on their channels. So far, this is most common in Disney XD Latin America. It should also be noted that new episodes do not air often. They were first introduced in December of 2011. There are currently eight episodes, and they are all about two minutes long. This is the first ever Club Penguin TV series, which has been quite an accomplishment since Disney bought Club Penguin.


  • This is the first ever Club Penguin show with new episodes.
  • We get to hear Sensei, Herbert, Rockhopper, Franky, and Cadence's voice for the first time.
  • In every episode so far, at the end a character somehow breaks the fourth wall.
  • The Four Ninjas have appeared in 3 of 8 episodes.

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