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Popcorn Explosion
Popcorn Explosion Ski Village

The Ski Village

Members only? No
When May 18–27, 2010
Free Item(s) Miners Helmet
Location Ski Village, Sport Shop, HQ
Mascot(s) None

The Popcorn Explosion was an event in Club Penguin Island which caused the demise of the PSA. It began on May 18, 2010, and ended on May 27. The crisis was caused by Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy in Mission 11, the Veggie Villain. Popcorn has covered several rooms on Club Penguin, such as the Ski Village, Sport Shop, and PSA Headquarters. The Popcorn Explosion was to purposely "tie the PSA's hands." The PSA had a lot of files and recorders on Herbert, and enemy of the state, and Klutzy. There has been speculation of the PSA finding out their location. However, Herbert and Klutzy destroyed the PSA HQ in hopes of not being apprehended by agents. It happened in the Ski Village, Sport Shop, and HQ.


The Popcorn Explosion occurred during the same time as many other events, like the release of The Veggie Villain Mission (Mission 11), and the release in North America of Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge. Several rooms were rampaged and barraged with Popcorn. Rooms have changed throughout the event. The Sports Shop was permanently closed on May 25th because of the damage. The Snow and Sports catalog was then moved to the Ice Rink.


Since the Popcorn Explosion, the lives of penguins on Club Penguin Island have been greatly affected in many ways. Some of the most important ways include:


  • It caused the Penguin Secret Agency, it's Headquarters (PSA HQ) and the Sports Shop to close down forever, disappointing many penguins.
  • On the To do list in the broken HQ, if you look at the first letter of each activity, it spelled EPF:
    • Eat all the Popcorn
    • Plan to catch Herbert
    • Find a new HQ soon
  • The construction crane made its 3rd appearance during the building of the Everyday Phoning Facility, lifting the Payphone you see now in the facility into the building.
  • Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge came to DS 2 days before the Popcorn Explosion ended.
  • A comic in one issue of the Club Penguin news showed Herbert and Klutzy looking at the explosion with a penguin enjoying it with Herbert wondering why the penguin was enjoying it.
  • An experiment with popcorn was done in the TV-show Mythbusters when they were testing the myth of exploding a building with popcorn, it showed that its impossible to do so, simply because the popping popcorn doesn't have enough power to do any damage.

Free Items

Image Item Location Members only?
Miners Helmet clothing icon ID 429 Miners Helmet Ski Village No



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