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Were you looking for the real life pins?
Shamrock Pin

The first pin ever, the Shamrock pin, which was located in the Coffee Shop in March 2006.

Ruby Pin (2008)

The Ruby Pin - The first pin to ever return.

Pins are popular, collectible items in Club Penguin. Every two weeks, a new pin is hidden somewhere on Club Penguin Island, and once gone, old pins will never return (although there have been a few exceptions). Then, the player can select a pin from their inventory and it will appear on the top left hand corner of their player card. To find a pin, messages from the Ultimate Safe Chat allow players to ask "Where is the pin?" or "Where did you find that pin?". Some pins are themed for an event that is coming up or going on. In the Yearbooks in the Book Room, if you click in the right places, you will be able to view one pin that was hidden for that certain month (except for the 2006-2007 Yearbook). Penguins can see your pin collection in your Stamp Book.


Here are some tips that were given by Screenhog in February 2008, on how they hide pins. Since these rules were given many years ago, some of them may no longer be accurate. [1]

  • They never hide pins in the Town, because it is the busiest room in Club Penguin.
  • They never hide pins in the same room two months in a row. Meaning, it will be at least another 2 months before they hide a pin in that room again.
  • They will never hide pins in the EPF Command Room because not all penguins are agents, and can't go in there. This was true in 2008, however, it is now possible for all penguins to be agents at any time.
  • Pins are never hidden on the Migrator or other special rooms, as the ship does not stay up to two weeks. This was true in 2008, however, it is now very common for the Migrator to stay for 2 weeks.
  • They try not to hide pins in the same place twice. However, this rule has been broken on several occasions.

Obtaining Pins

Until December 13, 2012, a pin would be obtained by walking on top of it, where a popup window asks if they would like to pick it up. Since then, the popup box has become visible by clicking the pin. The first pin that could be obtained this way, not from a certain event, was the Snowflake Pin.

In addition, throughout the years, several other pins were obtained through certain activities, such as the Christmas Tree Pin, that was available by donating 50 coins to the Club Penguin Times, or the Recycle Pin, which was available after completing the Recycle Hunt.

Pin list

Main article: List of pins


Main article: Flag

Flags are very similar to pins in that they are displayed in the upper left corner of a penguin's player card. Originally, flags were only available to members on Club Penguin, however they were later released to be available to both non-members and members. Flag pins are bought at the very end of every Penguin Style catalog for 20 coins each. Flags and are slightly larger than most pins and are a rounded version of a countries' flag. Together with the Rockhopper's Key Pin and Moss Key Pin, they are the only pins that are permanent.


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