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Pied Piper Machine
Pied Piper Machine
Invented by Herbert P. Bear
Located Toughest Mountain

The Pied Piper Machine was a machine created by Herbert P. Bear, which he used to hypnotize puffles on Club Penguin Island to collect static electricity from their fur so he could power its electro cannon (not to be confused with the Solar Laser) and use the cannon to destroy the Everyday Phoning Facility. When operated, the machine would hypnotize puffles in order to get them on a conveyor belt that led to the interior of the machine. While they were inside, the machine piped static electricity from their fur to the cannon. In the midst of Herbert's scheme it was deactivated by Gary, consequently freeing the involved puffles from the machine and its hypnotism, and as a result foiling Herbert's plan.


  • In Club Penguin Magazine Issue #11 the machine was featured in the 'Herbert's Top 5 Dastardly Devices!' list located in the Herbert profile.[1]



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