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Penguin Games

The Town during the Penguin Games in 2008.

Members only No
When August 22–26, 2008
Free Item(s) Blue Face Paint, Red Face Paint, Gold Medal
Where Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) None

The Penguin Games was a special event in Club Penguin. This event was first announced in issue 147 of the Club Penguin Times, and was modeled after the 2008 Olympic Games. The Penguin Games lasted from August 22nd to August 26th, 2008. It is similar to the Sports Party. The Soccer Pitch was said to be a temporary Members only replacement for the Ice Rink, however it remained for both Members and non-members until the Ice Rink was brought back during the Christmas Party 2008.

A penguin wearing Blue Face Paint and a Gold Medal at the Cave.
Beaky4444Added by Beaky4444
Soccer, the only sport players needed to be a Member for.
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Swimming Event

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Three Lap Race

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Free Items & Awards

Image Item Location Members only?
Blue Face Paint Blue Face Paint Pizza Parlor No
IRed Face Paint Red Face Paint Coffee Shop No
GoldMedal Gold Medal Completing all 3 events No


  • This is the only time the Ice Rink and Stadium were there at the same time.
  • The Dock sold ground coffee for two coins a cup at a Coffee stand. This was a joke, referring to the comic with Ground Coffee.
  • The party was to represent the Beijing 2008 Olympics.
  • The same music from the Sports Party party was used as the main theme for this party.





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