CPGD Peacesam1

Full Name Peacesam1
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Team Yellow leader in Club Penguin: Game Day!
Appeared Club Penguin: Game Day!
Color Light Blue
Clothes Items Golden Viking Helmet, Yellow Hockey Jersey
Related To Unknown
Friends With Other Team Yellow members
Meetable Character? Yes (Club Penguin: Game Day!)

Peacesam1 is possibly the leader of the Yellow Team. He appears in Club Penguin: Game Day!. He is calm and creative and is always a good sport, like Racingwheel.


  • Is there anything you need to ask ,"name"?
  • Hydro Hopper's closed today. I guess it's best to stay focused on the new Game Day games.
  • I've learned about the Game Day stuff. But, does anyone know about that squid monster in the Puffle Rescue game?
  • The island looks awesome in yellow!

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