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Not to be confused with the item of the same name.

Party Hats are head items which are given during Anniversary Parties. They are always pointy at the top and covered in different colored stripes. Party Hats are usually found at the Coffee Shop, where all players can obtain them. All of them are available during the time line of the party - which usually lasts for a day or a few days - and are never available again. The only exceptions are the 5 Year Celebration Hat and French 5th Year Party Hat, which are currently unlockable.

Anniversary Party Hats

Party Hat Event Location Image
1st Year Party Hat 1st Anniversary Party Coffee Shop 1stYearPartyHat
2nd Year Party Hat 2nd Anniversary Party Book Room 2ndYearPartyHat
3rd Year Party Hat 3rd Anniversary Party Coffee Shop 3rd Year Party Hat
4th Year Party Hat 4th Anniversary Party Coffee Shop 4th year anniversary hat
5th Year Party Hat 5th Anniversary Party Coffee Shop 5thYearPartyHat
6th Anniversary Hat 6th Anniversary Party Coffee Shop 6th Anniversary Hat clothing icon ID 1308
7th Anniversary Hat 7th Anniversary Party Coffee Shop 7th Anniversary Hat
8th Anniversary Hat 8th Anniversary Party Coffee Shop 8th Anniversary Party Hat
9th Anniversary Hat 9th Anniversary Party Coffee Shop 9th Anniversary Hat icon
10th Anniversary Hat 10th Anniversary Party Coffee Shop 10th Anniversary Hat icon
11th Anniversary Hat 11th Anniversary Party Coffee Shop 11th Anniversary Hat icon
Other Party-like Hats
Party Hat (Beta Hat) Beta Test Party Town Party Hat icon
Snow Beta Hat During the Beta Test for Card-Jitsu Snow By beating level 3 in Card-Jitsu Snow during its beta testing. Snow Beta Hat icon
5 Year Celebration Hat To celebrate 5 years after the opening of Club Penguin in Portuguese. By entering the code ORGULHO5 in Unlock Items Online. Clothing Icons 11719
Prehistoric Beta Hat Prehistoric Party 2014 By digging up the Yellow Stegosaurus Puffle Egg PrehistoricBetaHat
French 5th Year Party Hat To celebrate 5 years after the opening of Club Penguin in French. By entering the code CADEAUCP in Unlock Items Online. Clothing Icons 11833
Ice Party Hat Frozen Party By finding Snowflakes at the Frozen Party Ice Party Hat icon


  • Yellow is the most common color on the hats, appearing on seven out of the ten hats.
    • Orange and yellow are the two colors of the 2nd Anniversary Hat.
  • When wearing a Party Hat (apart from the 7th, 8th, & 9th Anniversary Hat) and go to the Fire Dojo or Water Dojo, Sensei will comment "I see you're wearing an Anniversary Hat. I like pointy hats."
    • He will also comment if you wear the Party Hat.
  • The Snow Beta Hat, French 5th Year Party Hat and the 5 Year Celebration Hat are not party hats as they were not released for Anniversary Parties, but they share the same look as the other party hats.
  • The 6th, 7th, and 8th anniversary hats have had some relevance to the respective years they represent in Club Penguin. The 6th Anniversary Hat was orange, green, black, and purple because it was the first Anniversary Party to take place at the same time as the Halloween Party. The 7th Anniversary Hat had the colors of Club Penguin's new logo that was revealed in the same month. The 8th Anniversary Hat has the colors of the Rainbow Puffle, because it released earlier that year.
  • There is a pin which looks identical to the 7th Anniversary Hat.
  • During the Prehistoric Party 2014, the Prehistoric Beta Hat was released, designed to look like a Stone-Age version of the Party Hat.



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