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The button used to access Party Games

Party Games are mini-games in Club Penguin Island that can be played with multiple people. All current party games yield coins and XP to participants, although players that win gain more than players that lose. These games can be played by buying special party supplies at any shop, which are then stored in a unique party games inventory. Once in the inventory, they can be used, and the user holds up a box representing the game. Nearby players can interact with these boxes and then initiate the game.


Marble Hunt

Main article: Marble Hunt

Marble Hunt was the first party game introduced, in the 1.4.0 update. This game is available for two players. One player is randomly assigned to hide marbles around whatever zone the game is initiated in, and the other player tries to find the hidden marbles. The XP from this game is orange XP, representing Rookie rank.


Placement Rewards
First 20 coins and 15 Rookie XP
Second 20 coins and 10 Rookie XP

Ink or Swim

Main article: Ink or Swim

Ink or Swim was introduced in the 1.5.0 update. This game is available for two to four players. Players must either activate a cannon or pass to the next player while trying to get as many fish from the cannon as possible, while avoiding getting a squid. The XP from this game is red XP, representing Rockhopper rank.


Placement Rewards
First 25 coins and 15 Rockhopper XP
Second 15 coins and 10 Rockhopper XP
Third 10 coins and 8 Rockhopper XP
Fourth 5 coins and 5 Rockhopper XP

Fossil Four

Main article: Fossil Four

Fossil Four was introduced in the 1.6.0 update. This game is available for two players. Players must attempt to make connections of four in a row of their color, either blue or red, on a game board. The XP from this game is green XP, representing Aunt Arctic rank.


Placement Rewards
First 30 coins and 15 Aunt Arctic XP
Second or draw 20 coins and 10 Aunt Arctic XP

Daily Challenges

Main article: Daily Challenges
The following challenge involves playing party games.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
Game Day
AA quest icon
Solo Buy a party game and play it 40 coins and 40 XP Yes

Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseJogos de festa
FrenchJeux de fête
SpanishJuegos de fiesta
German N/A
Russian N/A

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