The Party Committee are a team of penguins that plan each of the parties on Club Penguin Island. Mascots have been on the Party Committee several times. Normally, they plan some sort of construction the week before a party. They also decorate for the parties.

Characters that have been on the Party Committee

Hidden message

Clothing Catalog Secret Message

The secret message in May 2008.

On May 2, 2008, a message was hidden in the back of the Penguin Style catalog. The message was addressed to the Gift Shop Manager, telling him to deliver all the left over clothing to the decorating committee so that they could start on their surprise party on May 16. The messsage could be revealed by dragging the "How do I get coins?" box downwards (in a similar way to the hidden Noir Background). A small letter will be revealed, and the full message could be revealed by clicking that letter.

The message was about the upcoming Medieval Party 2008, and gave penguins a sneak peek of what the party would be like.

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