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Park Entrance
The Fair 2015 Park Entrance

Where Southeast of the Dock
Opened February 20, 2014,
May 20, 2015
Closed March 6, 2014,
June 11, 2015
Mini-games The Daily Spin
Room ID 851
Tour Description
This is the park's entrance... Home to the big stage... and the Daily Spin. The Penguin Band will put on a show... every ten minutes. Rock out!

The Park Entrance was a party room in Club Penguin. It was first introduced during The Fair 2014; then returned for The Fair 2015.

This room contains Daily Spin, a mini-game that allowed players to win a prize once-a-day, and to view some of the "past prizes" from each Fall Fair; including the: one in 2014, and one in 2015- which can also be accessed using the party icons from other rooms as well.

Penguin Band

During the 2014 Fair, the Penguin Band had been performing every 10 minutes, on the podium in the center of the room. When they appeared, they could be clicked in order to obtain their background. Unlike the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, however, their stamps were not earned during their shows.


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