Orca Straw
Orca Straw Music Jam 2016 cutout
Is it seen right now? Yes
Type Stage
Party Music Jam 2008, Music Jam 2009, Music Jam 2016
Where? Ski Village, Beach

The Orca Straw is a large stage at the Beach for the Music Jam 2016. It was featured at the Ski Village during the Music Jam 2008 and the Music Jam 2009. When standing on the Orca Straw's stage, it would light up in red.


  • The Marching Band Hat, the Violin, and the Tuba are placed on the stage.
  • It is a pun of the word orchestra.
  • "Orca Straw" is also the name of the music played at the Ski Village during the parties.
  • An actual straw can be seen on the right of the stage. Another usage of straws in decoration was done with the Straw 3000.


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