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Operation: Puffle

Members only? No
When November 21, 2013 – December 5, 2013
Free Item(s) See Free Items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Herbert P. Bear
Save the Puffles!
— The tagline for the party

Operation: Puffle was a mission in the series of in-game EPF missions and party in Club Penguin which started on November 21, 2013, and ended on December 5. The operation was taking place in the Wilderness (as confirmed by Spike Hike [1]). Before the operation, Herbert kidnapped puffles and attached mind control machines to them, and agents had to locate these puffles, catch them and remove the microchips from the mind control devices to disable its effect on puffles.

Free items

Main article: Operation: Puffle Agent Interface
Image Item Location Members only?
Clothing Icons 9239
Herbert's Hoard Giveaway By Meeting Herbert No
OperationPuffleFurnitureExclusive Puffle Freedom Statue By saving the puffles at the end of the mission No


In Club Penguin's Halloween Party 2013 advertisement, the Operation: Puffle logo flashed across the screen for a fraction of a second, confirming that the party would come soon.


Herbert's tracks were found in the wild by Jet Pack Guy on November 1. On November 7, it was reported that there was trouble in the wilderness and agents must see to it. Herbert had sabotaged the boiler and stolen some parts from it that same day.

Meanwhile, a cave-in occurred in the underground, blocking access to the Gold Mine. Workers who tried to excavate the rubble noticed sparkles in the dirt. On November 14, when some of the rocks were cleared, penguins quested for the Gold Puffle and had the chance to adopt one. A large item could also be found in the Gold Mine which is believed to be a drilling machine but it is not yet known what connection it has with Herbert, the EPF or even Operation: Puffle. More pages of Garianna's potion book was also found in the caves, linking to the Golden O'Berries that PH and Gary had discovered.

On November 14, 2013, 4 puffles including the Keeper of the Boiler Room, Keeper of the Stage, Plok and the Black Puffle at the Mine went missing. This was Herbert's plan put into action.

Later, Herbert P. Bear broke into the Indestructible Containment Environment and stole the "Puffle Transmogrifier", a failed Gary invention and modified it to create the Brain Box, which will hypnotize puffles.

As Operation: Puffle commenced on the Club Penguin island, all of the different colored puffles (except for the Rainbow and Gold Puffles because they are too rare for Herbert to steal them) have been captured by Herbert. Every day, the Elite Penguin Force made a bit more progress and allowed us Elite Penguin Force Agents to save a different colored puffle.

Saving the puffles came in this order:

On November 21, 2013, Herbert stole more puffles and then hypnotized them. The plan so far was the puffles digging treasure and giving it to him. Agents then began Operation: Puffle to find all the missing puffles, and give them back their personalities. To accomplish this, Gary started tracking down the signal between puffles and Herbert. Agents had to get a chip out of every breed's Brain Box. The agents had to save the blue puffles that day and after 5 Puffles saved members and non-members got a Head Lamp and a blue chip that the agents gave to Gary.

On November 22, 2013, agents carried on into the wilderness to save the red puffles. After saving 5 red puffles agents got the red chip and gave it to Gary. Agents who are members then received the Rescue Off-Roader and the Hydro-tester 3000 to carry on their adventure the next day.

On November 23, 2013, agents went to the Lava Cliffs to save the black puffles. After saving five of them, they received the Rock Climbing Rope to prepare for the next day.

On November 24, 2013, agents went to the EPF Puffle Vet Station to save the brown puffles. After saving five of them, they received the Puffle Field Medic Outfit and the Stethoscope to prepare for the next day.

On November 25, 2013, agents went to the EPF Bootcamp to save the green puffles. After saving five of them they received the Bullhorn to prepare for the next day.

On November 26, 2013, agents went to the Rapids to save pink puffles. Herbert was also found adjusting a red puffle's Brain-Box, to make sure it was harder to pull the box off. He also revealed his plan and that was: To use most of the coins to put into his upgraded Hot Sauce machine. That machine is capable of destroying Club Penguin Island. And the rest of the coins he had would be used for buying things.

On November 27, 2013, agents went to the EPF Puffle Vet Station to save the orange puffles. After saving them they received the Thermos so they are ready for the next day.

On November 28, 2013, agents went to the Ice Falls to save the white puffles. After saving them they received the Arctic Camouflage Suit and the Snow Goggles so they could prepare for the next rescue mission.

On November 29, 2013, agents went to the River Cave to save the yellow puffles. After saving five of them they received the Search Flashlight so they can prepare, to rescue the purple puffles.

On November 30, 2013, agents went to the River Cave again to save the purple puffles. Agents got some swimming gear to get into Herbert's Lair. Agents then ran into Herbert's Lair. Herbert put his security system on and agents were stuck in a ring of fire. But... they opened the vent door next to them, dodged the steam in the vents, and came out at the other end next to the network machine. Agents shut down the machine, and the puffles were set free. The happy puffles then pushed Herbert out of his lair, and the puffles and Club Penguin is safe once again.

Ending of Storyline

Shutting Down Herbert

You walk into Herbert's Lair and he traps you in a circle of fire with a hot sauce gun.

Herbert will talk to you and Klutzy.

Klutzy sees the coin stash in his lair and he inserts it into Herbert's Hot Sauce Air Conditioner.

Puffles Stop Evil Herbert
Herbert's Heater

A vent nearby breaks letting you crawl into it. The vent leads you to Herbert's Air Conditioner's pipelines.

You must avoid the steam coming out of the pipelines.

You will walk out into Herbert's other vent and you will need to get to his Puffle-Hypno computer.

You will need to use the chips from the Brain Boxes to shut the Brain Boxes off.

After you put the chips into place, you will need to press the red button.

Then, the Brain Boxes shut off and a door opens.

Herbert will talk to you again and then the Puffles carry Herbert out of his lair.

Similarities to Operation: Blackout

  • Both EPF Operations were rumored months before its official release, and in the case of Operation: Blackout, years ago.
  • They were both hinted at in a Halloween Party video. First Herbert appeared in Ghosts Just Wanna Dance with a paper with the sun crossed out, and nearly a year later Herbert made another appearance in the Halloween Party 2013 trailer holding the puffle handbook.
  • has been used as a source of sneak peeks for both.
  • The entrance to both operations is in the Ski Village.
  • Both Operation: Puffle and Operation: Blackout gave a furniture item as a free item, that was available to all players.


  • The Waterfall and the Volcano both are in a river, surrounded by water on all sides.
  • The river that flows from the Ice Falls has two outlets into the ocean.
  • The Dojo is actually at an angle facing the Mine Shack, contrary to how it appears on the map.
  • A very large, puffle shaped cavern appears over a section of the river.
  • The Ice Falls Waterfall has a sheet of ice that hangs over it.
  • The section of land behind the Ski Village is much larger than it appears.


  • It seems to be based on the plan mentioned by Herbert at the end of Operation: Spy & Seek, which happened 5 years ago. It is also possible that it connects to PSA Mission 10: Waddle Squad, with Herbert trying to steal the fake Gold Puffle. Herbert could be trying to combine both of those plans for this mission.
  • On October 8, 2013, Polo Field hinted in the Wikia Chat that the mission may involve puffles.
  • The operation's name was first confirmed by Spike Hike on Twitter.[2]
  • Herbert was seen in the Halloween Party 2013 trailer, holding a book with a puffle on it (possibly the Puffle Handbook). This was a hint that he would be the main reason for this new mission.
  • A new puffle species arrived at the party, as confirmed by the What's New Blog.
    • This was the second time that Club Penguin introduced more than one puffle in a year; the first time this happened was the original puffle discovery.
  • The reason why there are no kidnapped Gold Puffles (he wants to capture them though) or Rainbow Puffles, as mentioned in issue #422 of the Club Penguin Times, are:
    • Gold Puffles live underground, so they might be difficult to find.
    • Rainbow Puffles live in the Cloud Forest, so it is too high to reach.
  • Many things were shown that indicate Operation: Puffle throughout the years: Operation: Spy & Seek shows many things that indicate this mission, Waddle Squad also showed how desperately Herbert wanted the Gold Puffle (even risking being trapped), also he found that how easily puffles could be controlled by a catchy beeping sound in Puffle Trouble and the Pied Piper Machine is based on it. So it may be that Operation: Puffle was being planned 5 years ago.
  • On the mission map, the bridge from the volcano to the Dojo was seen, but not from the waterfall or the Snow Dojo to the Dojo. However, the bottom of the volcano and the waterfall are shown in the mission, finally proving the river does run to right behind the Ski Village.
  • The Lava Cliffs room is likely to be the bottom of the Fire Dojo's volcano and Water Dojo's waterfall.
  • Whenever you go onto the river, a pontoon will appear as if you are riding it.
  • The Elite Penguin Force took over #WaddleOn for three episodes for the party.
  • It was a nominee for the Best Party of 2013 in The Spoiler Alert.


  • There was a glitch which makes you go under the chat bar.
    Chat bar glitch

    The stuck under the chat bar glitch returns.

  • There was a glitch which makes an undefined notification pop up on your screen every time you move to a different room alerting that you have earned 0 coins.
  • There was a glitch which makes your boat disappear but it reappears in the next room. This glitch mostly happened at the Outpost.
  • There was a glitch that makes your character go on the River without a boat.
    • Another glitch made you go on land with a boat.
  • Clicking a player with a puffle and then clicking a different player that has no puffles (or yourself if you're not walking a puffle), the player get the puffle and will be able to have two items on one time.
  • When you log in after defeating Herbert and collect the last item via the "collect item" button, a message says that you can only buy an item 99 times (Even you only have one of it).
  • If you went inside the Ski Lodge and looked out the window, you could see storm clouds.


Sneak Peeks



Login Screens

Log-off Screens

Club Penguin Times News

Issue #422

Issue #423

Issue #424






Herbert Spotted


Hypnotized Puffles



Tour Guide Messages

Room Message
EPF Base Camp This outpost is the base camp. You can check out the rescue HQ or go on a river expedition, just make sure to bring extra snacks!
Herbert's Hoard Lair This was where Herbert was defeated and the puffles were freed. What happened here is top secret, but there are rumors that the EPF does not know where the puffles took him.
EPF Rescue HQ This is the rescue headquarters. The EPF is hard at work to save puffles. Feel free to pitch in, take radio calls from agents or track puffles on the map.
Boot Camp This is the Boot Camp. The EPF set it up so agents can train and get ready to explore. You can BBQ some fish or test your skill on the balance beam or climb the wall and hit the bell.
Lava Cliffs We're passing by the Lava Cliffs. Up above is the Fire Dojo. These cliffs can be treacherous. Be careful if you climb. It's also a great place to roast marshmallows.
Puffle Vet station Next on the river tour is the Puffle Vet station. It's here to keep puffles healthy and to help them recover. The vet always needs volunteers to help at the front desk, water the O'berry bush or take care of the puffles.
Ice Falls The majestic Ice Falls. The current is strong here so be careful! There are powerful searchlights if you need to find something, like a lost sock or a rubber ducky that went downstream!
Rapids Whoa! Rapids here! There's a whirlpool that sucks you in, try to stay together! It can be fun to ride these rapids, just call for help if you fall in!
River Cave This is the River Cave. Look at the unique formations. This is a great spot for diving. Keep an eye out for puffles, lots of them show up here.
Treehouses Here are the Treehouses. This is a great place to rest after traveling the river all day. There is fish and fire and the EPF has secured the area with cameras and searchlights
Ski Village Here we have the Ski Village. Race down the Ski Hill and chill in the Ski Lodge. There's an Everyday Phoning Facility which sure is busy right now. The entrance to the wilderness is in the back. Head that way to rescue puffles.


Question Answer
What do you call a courteous spy? A gent!
What's the stealthiest bug? A spy-der!
Why did the spy show up without his gear? Eavesdropped it!
What's Herbert's favorite piece of furniture? A vege-table!
Where do you find polar bears? It depends on where you lost them!
Why doesn't Herbert have any friends? He's un-bear-able!
What do you call a polar bear with skates? A roller bear
How did the penguins stay safe in the forest? They went in trees!
What's great about camping? It's in-tents!
What flies, bites, and talks in code? A morse-quito!

Safe Chat Messages

Save that puffle!
Let's go to the wilderness
Get on the river
Back to Rescue Headquarters!
Watch those rapids!
Stay vigilant agents!
The puffles need us!
The brain box is Herber-tech!
Campfire at the Treehouses



Sources and References

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