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Operation: Hot Sauce

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Operation: Hot Sauce

Members only? No
When April 5, 2013 - April 18, 2013
Free Item(s) Operation Hot Sauce Background,
5 medals (if you complete the whole mission)
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) None

Operation: Hot Sauce was the third in the operations series in which penguins are sent on missions involving the Elite Penguin Force and their criminal adversaries (Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy). It began on April 5, 2013 and ended on April 18, 2013. Information was released regarding the mission in the form of a sketch, however there was no release date until Issue #388 of the Club Penguin Times where the Cove was shown with stains of hot sauce.


Possibly upset about his defeat during Operation: Blackout, Herbert attacked the Pizza Parlor, vandalized it and stole the large bottle of Hot Sauce which he later stored in his newly built lair what he secured by building several defensive mechanisms such as invisible entrance at the shores of The Beach. At the same time, Rookie was hosting a Pizza Party at the Cove, but it was cancelled due to lack of pizza.[1]

Herbert was sure his lair could not be found, but the EPF Agent used the TraceTracker 3000 or the TraceTracker 100 to find the secret entrance. The agent fooled Klutzy by throwing a pizza on the "Flood" switch of Herbert's new invention. Klutzy, who was hungry jumped on the switch, and Herbert's lair flooded. The giant hot sauce was found and brought back to the Pizza Parlor. The Pizza Party went back on, and everyone was happy. It is still unknown what Herbert was actually building, but he used parts of the Solar Laser. After that, Club Penguin Island was safe once again.[1]

Free Items

Image Item Type Location Members only?
Operatoin Hot Sauce Background Operation Hot Sauce Background Background Cove (After completing the mission) No



  • Herbert was working on a machine using parts taken from the failed Solar Laser.
  • Herbert has a base at the shores of the Beach.


  • After completing the mission, some players would be stuck on an infinite loading screen. This glitch was later fixed.
  • When the operation was first released on April 5, the EPF Command Room appeared blank, except the penguins.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
  1. Go to the EPF Command Room and click on the big TV.
  2. You will get a briefing of the Mission by the Director.
  3. Go to the Cove and click on Rookie. He will say something.
  4. Go to the Pizza Parlor and click on Jet Pack Guy. He will say something.
  5. Click on the hot sauce on the table next to the Pizzatron 3000 (but any hot sauce in the room will do). You will put the hot sauce in your EPF briefcase.
  6. Click on the fur on where the big hot sauce bottle used to be. Again, it will be put in the briefcase.
  7. MEMBERS: Open your EPF Spy Phone and click on gadgets. Place the hot sauce and the fur into the part that comes out.
    NON-MEMBERS: Go to the EPF Command Room, place the evidence inside the machine near the main screen, and wait for six hours.
  8. The TraceTracker 3000/TraceTracker 100 will then load.
  9. Follow the green bear footprints and small circles out of the Pizza Parlor.
  10. The trail should lead to the Beach. Waddle to the bottom of the room.
  11. Stand on the platform with Herbert P. Bear's footprints.
  12. Walk to the secret door that appears.
  13. Play the Entry Gainer 3000 and click on the bottom object on your EPF Spy Phone repeatedly until the door unlocks.
  14. You should now be back in the Beach. Walk to the secret door.
  15. Listen to Herbert's conversation.
  16. Click on the pizza stack and throw a pizza on the flood switch. Klutzy should walk on the switch.
  17. Listen to what Herbert says and then the room will flood.
  18. You should now be at the Cove. Listen to Rookie, then accept your gift from the Director.
  19. You have now completed Operation: Hot Sauce.
  20. You can re-play the mission as many times as you want by going to the EPF Command Room and clicking the screen.
Spoilers end here.


Sneak Peeks

Login and Logoff Screens


Before Completion

After Completion





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