Operation Blackout End Video
The EPF Director's Secret Revealed! Official Club Penguin

The EPF Director's Secret Revealed! Official Club Penguin

Length 1:05
Publish date November 24, 2012

The Operation: Blackout End Video was a video that appeared at Operation: Blackout after you destroy Herbert's laser at the Herbert HQ.


The machine gives a self-destruct signal and explodes. A purple penguin wearing a Black Beanie, a Green Scarf and a pale blue coat looks to the sky seeing the clouds disappearing. Many other penguins look at the sky in joy. The scene cuts to Herbert looking at the sky and screaming. The Director steps in to congratulate you. She steps out of the shadows reavealing that she is none other than Aunt Arctic! It ends with Aunt Arctic saying "And although the road is long, the EPF shall rise again..."


  • We can hear Aunt Arctic's voice for the first time.
  • This is now released on Club Penguin's official YouTube channel, but it was renamed "Who Is The Director?"

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