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Non-Member Badge

Non-Members are penguins that do not pay for a membership, or who are former members who had a membership that has expired on Club Penguin. They have limited access to the game and its features.

What Non-Members Can Do


  • There are several catalogs with items that non-members can buy as well.
  • Non-members can obtain several different igloos, either by unlocking them or obtaining them for free at parties.
  • Penguins can still keep their puffles, member-only stamps and pins when their membership have expired. However, they cannot have access to the members-only clothing, igloo and member-only furniture, their decorated stamp book cover, etc.
  • When a membership expires and the penguin is wearing member clothing, it stays on their penguin until they take it off.
  • Prior to February 2010, flags could only be purchased by members.
  • As of January 2013, non-members can buy clothing in Penguin Style, though, the items available have never been replaced by new clothing so far.

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