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Ninja Hideout
Ninja hideout

Where At the Dojo Courtyard on the left hut.
Opened November 17, 2008
Closed May 23, 2013
Mini-Games Card-Jitsu
Room ID 322
Tour Description
Welcome to the Ninja Hideout! Only Ninjas have access to this secret room. Here you will find the Martial Artworks catalog, where you can buy the Amulet. The Amulet is the key to enter the Fire Dojo and the Water Dojo.
Were you looking for the Ninja Headquarters, a party room at the Card-Jitsu Parties?

The 'Find Buddy' response for a Penguin in the Hideout.

Ninja HideoutNewEntrance

The entrance to the hideout.

The Ninja Hideout (also known as the Ninja HQ or Dojo Hide) was the headquarters for Ninja penguins. It was one of the few rooms that didn't house pins along with the EPF Command Room and the Town Center. The Flying Flippers Emporium was located here, housing the Martial Artworks catalog. It also had the entrances to the Fire Dojo and the Water Dojo. After the Card-Jitsu Party 2011, it was open to all penguins. When Card-Jitsu Snow was released, the Fire Dojo, Water Dojo, and Snow Dojo entrances were moved to inside the Dojo.

In May 2013, a snowstorm followed by an avalanche hit the Dojo Courtyard, which caused the Dojo to be renovated and this room to be removed and merged with the Dojo. The "snowstorm" was actually caused by the Snow Minions, so Card-Jitsu Snow began.



  • The 'Find Buddy' response for a Penguin in the hideout said that they were hiding.
  • The Ninja Hideout had a shop called the Flying Flippers Emporium, where you could buy special Ninja items from a catalog called Martial Artworks. This catalog is now in the Dojo.
  • It was also possible to play Card-Jitsu here on the four mats in the corner.
  • If you were a Ninja and could access this room, throwing Snowballs at the hanging Gongs or clicking on them made sounds.
  • If you mastered any of the Card-Jitsu games other than Card-Jitsu, the matching element tile on the Amulet pattern on the floor would light up.
  • Before you were a ninja, you were able to go in the Ninja Hideout, and Sensei would introduce you to it, and would give you the Amulet and a few more Card-Jitsu cards. After you left, you could still go back in, possibly as a glitch as you would possibly be able to get the Ninja Suit early.

The Martial Artworks Catalog

See Main Article: Martial Artworks
Ninja Catalog Cover

The Martial Artworks Catalog Cover.

In the Martial Artworks, you can buy the long-awaited Ninja Outfit, which costs 1000 Coins, a Dojo Igloo (5000 Coins), Rice Paper Wall Screen (500 Coins), a Stone Lantern (575 Coins), and a Hand Gong (400 Coins). On March 27, 2009, the Martial Artworks catalog was updated and a Tea Table (650 Coins) and White Gi (800 Coins) were added. On July 3, 2009, the Cloud Wave Bracers (250 Coins) were added. On November 2, 2009, the Goldsmith Apron (100 Coins) was added. Then, on November 13, 2009, the Amulet (200 Coins) was added.

It was moved to the Dojo after the Ninja Hideout was removed on May 23, 2013.

Secret Catalog items

  • On the page with the items "The Storm" and "Lightning Gi", if you click the leaves in the top right you will be able to access “The Bolt” for (300 Coins), and “Thunder Gi” for (450 Coins)
  • On the page with the items "The Quicksilver" and "Ink Ceremony Robe", if you click the leaves in the bottom right you can access “The Cinder” for (250 Coins) and “Tea Ceremony Robes” for (550 Coins).
  • On the page with the item "Golden Sun Suit", if you click the leaves in the top left, you can buy the “Crimson Sun Suit” (500 Coins).









  • The Ninja Hideout has been decorated for the Christmas Party 2008. It had Octi in it holding a candy cane. Nothing else but Octi with the candy cane was decorated. This was the first time the Ninja Hideout has been decorated for a party.
  • During the April Fools' Party 2009, the Ninja Hideout's wall could be walked on.
  • During the Halloween Party 2010, it had a couple of pumpkins on the steps and pumpkin lanterns hanging off the roof.
  • During the Underwater Expedition, the room tilted to the left instead of right.
Rumor CJW

Notice the rooms behind the dojo

Ninja Hideout

The real Ninja Hideout. Notice the yellow circles, or gongs, and shop, so it is the Hideout.

  • CloseUpsNinjaHideout
    If you weren't a Ninja, this sign would be shown on the door.

The notice on the door when you aren't a Ninja.

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