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Cory Ransom

Full Name Cory Ransom
Born Unknown
Position Moderator
Joined Club Penguin 2008
Left Club Penguin Still Employed
Penguin Name Ninja
Ninja's current player card

Ninja or Cory Ransom is a moderator in Club Penguin, and he took the place of Businesmoose as a What's New Blogger.


  • Ninja has 62 stamps.
  • Like Tour Guide, Ninja is one of the least likely of the moderators to be seen online. This may change because of his promotion.
  • Ninja was one of four candidates for taking the place of Businesmoose as Club Penguin Blogger and Social Media staff member, and he won the position on March 28, 2013.
  • Ninja has a Twitter Account - @ninjachat3.
  • He has a White Puffle named Sam, which is short for samurai.
  • He is afraid of snails.
  • He spoke for the first time in The Spoiler Alert, and his real name is Cory.
  • He became the team leader of the Red Team during and after the Penguin Cup.


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