Night of the Living Sled III
Night of the Living Sled 3 HD (2009) Club Penguin02:11

Night of the Living Sled 3 HD (2009) Club Penguin

Genre Horror
Length 2:11
Season Night of the Living Sled series
Characters Living Sled Penguins, Living Sled
Series Night of the Living Sled
Release Date October 27, 2009

Night of the Living Sled 3 is the third and newest installment of the Night of the Living Sled series.


The scene lights up. The original Penguins were still being chased by The Sled and ended up at the Ski Village. Then the Penguins ran to the top of the Ski Hill. "OH NO! It's the sled!!" gasped one Penguin. "That's just the Sled Racing Catalog." said the other Penguin, pointing at the toboggan on display. "Not that sled, that one" the 1st Penguin said, and the camera shifts to show the monster sled standing next to the toboggan. "Hurry, let's escape on those tubes!" said the Penguin. They both got onto the tubes and started sliding down the Ski Hill. The Penguins soon thought they had lost the sled, but alas, due to its superior speed it was sliding right behind them. A Penguin shouted "Watch out for the Rock!" the two Penguins were able to dodge the rock but the sled wasn't. The sled ended up crashing into the rock and took off in the air. "Did you see that? we got away!" said the first Penguin. But before they do anything else, they both crashed into a huge pile of snow. They came out cautiously, but seeing that the sled is not to be seen, they begin to celebrate. But all of a sudden, The Sled emerges off the pile of snow without a scratch. Screaming in terror, the two Penguins run off into the night. The movie cuts off here.


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