Night of the Living Sled II
Night of the Living Sled 2 HD (2008) Club Penguin01:17

Night of the Living Sled 2 HD (2008) Club Penguin

Genre Horror
Length 1:17
Season Night of the Living Sled series
Characters Living Sled Penguins, Living Sled
Series Night of the Living Sled
Release Date October 28, 2008

Night of the Living Sled 2 is the second part of the Night of the Living Sled series.


The scene lights up. The terrible sled is still chasing after the original Penguins. Dashing into an Igloo, the Penguins believe the monster is no longer chasing them, having lost their scent in the Forest they ran through. Glancing out the window, their nightmare is reprieved. The Sled is right outside their residence, staring straight at them! Hungry for what might be Penguin flesh, it ventures closer by the minute. In a last resort, our heroes throw Furniture in an attempt to barricade the igloo, thus preventing the Sled from entering and taking their lives. As the hyperventilating Penguins sit down and sigh in relief, one triumphantly speaks to the other, "We barricaded everything." In curiosity, the other asks, "Did you seal the door as well?" Stunned silence follows. One trembling Penguin asks the other, "No...did you?" Just as their realization dawns upon them, the door slides open... and we all know who came to call! Thus, the chase ensues. Out of sheer terror and possible adrenaline, the two Penguins gather the momentum to slam clean through the building's walls, and they run screaming into the night. The movie then cuts off.

Night of the Living Sled I Night of the Living Sled II Night of the Living Sled III

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