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Night Of the Living Sled
Stage October 2013 Living Sled

Plot Night Of The Living Sled (series)
Dates October 20, 2011
October 18, 2012
October 10, 2013
October 2, 2014
Characters Scared Penguin
Frightened Penguin
Rad Scientist
Living Sled
Music Old music , New Music
Background None

Night of the living Sled (Live) was a play at the Stage. It first premiered in October 2011. The Switchbox 3000 was missing for this play. It was a live version of the three classic Club Penguin films, Night of the Living Sled. It had since then three encores.

Keeper of Stage

  • When clicking on the Ski Hill, a shadow of the puffle appeared on the top of it.


Stage script

Stage Script top
  • Night of the Living Sled - LIVE!
  • Rad Scientist
  • Scared Penguin
  • Scared Penguin
    Is the sled still chasing us?
  • Frightened Penguin
    No, I think we lost it!
  • Frightened Penguin
    Quick! Block all the entrances!
  • Scared Penguin
    That should do the trick!
  • Frightened Penguin
    Yeah! Did you block the door too?
  • Scared Penguin
    No...didn't you?!
  • Frightened Penguin
    The sled is still chasing us!
  • Scared Penguin
    What will we do?
  • Frightened Penguin
    I know! We'll lose it on the Ski Hill!
  • Scared Penguin
    Now we'll be safe
  • Frightened Penguin
    Oh no! It's the sled!
  • Scared Penguin
    That's just the Sled Racing catalog
  • Frightened Penguin
    Not that sled. The other sled!
  • Frightened Penguin
    Hurry! Let's escape on those tubes!
  • Scared Penguin
    Now we'll get away for sure!
  • Frightened Penguin
    It's right behind us!
  • Scared Penguin
    Look out for that rock!
  • The Living Sled hits the rock
  • Frightened Penguin
    Did you see that? We got away!
  • Scared Penguin
    Look out for that...
  • They crash into a snow drift
  • Scared Penguin
    pile of snow
  • Frightened Penguin
    Hey! We did it! We got away from the sled!
  • Scared Penguin
    You're right! I'm so happy!
  • The Living Sled pops out of the snow pile
  • Frightened Penguin
  • THE END?
  • Director
    Places please!
  • Director
    And... action!
  • Director
    Let's try that take again
  • Director
    Fantastic acting. Well done!


  • This is Gary's favorite play.
  • The music that played during the premiere (ID #253) was based on Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach.


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