Music Jam Cap
Music Jam Cap clothing icon ID 1266
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Available No
Type Head Item
Member item Yes/No
Party Music Jam 2011
10th Anniversary Party
Operation: Tri-umph
Cost Free
Where found Cove
10th Anniversary Item Calendar
Operation: Tri-umph interface
Item ID 1266
Unlockable No

The Music Jam Cap was a head item in Club Penguin. All players could obtain it for free at the Cove during the Music Jam 2011. It could also have been obtained from the 10th Anniversary Item Calendar. Members could also obtain it for free from the Operation: Tri-umph interface.


Party Location Available from Available until
Music Jam 2011 Cove June 16, 2011 July 5, 2011
10th Anniversary Party 10th Anniversary Item Calendar October 18, 2015 October 21, 2015
Operation: Tri-umph Operation: Tri-umph interface February 10, 2016 March 2, 2016


  • The member version was named Dance Battle Cap.
  • A similar item was the Music Splatter Hat.
  • If a player wore this item and danced, a dance move was performed. If the player danced with the Music Swirl Tee as well, a different dance was performed. However, this was not possible with the member version of the item.


Names in other languages

Music Jam Cap

Language Name
PortugueseBoné Music Jam
FrenchLa Casquette Musique en Fête
SpanishGorrita del Festival de Música
RussianБейсболка "Музыкальный Джем"

Dance Battle Cap

Language Name
PortugueseBoné da Batalha de Dança
FrenchCasquette Bataille de Danse
SpanishGorra para batalla de baile
German N/A
Russian N/A