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Music Jam 2009
Music Jam 09 Logo

Members only? No
When July 17–26, 2009
Free Item(s) Non-Member
Green Headphones, Cadence's Autograph (only if you met her),


Location Everywhere
Mascot(s) Cadence and Penguin Band

The Music Jam 2009 was a party that was confirmed on the What's New Blog, and occurred from July 17 to July 26, 2009. This was the second Music Jam in Club Penguin. DJ Cadence and the Penguin Band made special appearances throughout the event. There was a Members-only Backstage that players could only access by buying an All Access Pass at the Snow Forts. There were concert stages at the Dock, Coffee Shop, Stadium, Forest, Cove, Ski Village, and Lighthouse.

Free Items

Image Item Location Members only?
Green Headphones icon Green Headphones Cove No
Cadence's Autograph icon Cadence's Autograph Meeting Cadence No
Boombox Boombox Night Club Rooftop Yes

Stage Guide

Main Stage (Dock)

  • Days 1-4 - Rock N Roll
  • Days 5-6 - Bubble Pop
  • Days 6-7 - Country
  • Days 7-8 - Sparkling
  • Days 8-10 - Orchestra








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