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In the past, Club Penguin did not hire composers to create music for the game, instead it bought music from various distributors (both licensed and royalty-free). This page lists the original sources for all the various tracks, over the past, that Club Penguin has used.

Listing of tracks and their sources

Since most dealers offer multiple mixes of each track offered the songs linked to often do not sound exactly alike.


  • Hydro Hopper: The music for this game comes from Smartsound's "Vintage Comedy" album, the track name is "Yessir" the exact mix of this track used isn't known. This track is used in many for-kids programs on radio and television.


  • Pizza Parlor: The track for the Pizza Parlor can be found on Smartsound's Uplifting Ideas album under the name "Charlie's Here". The track was removed in late 2012, with the Pizza Parlor's renovation, but added back in mid 2014.

Party specific

  • Water Party - This music made an appearance in a "Blendy Pens" commercial. It is named "Ska Mad" and is by Jeremy Sherman.
  • April Fools' Party - This music is titled "Sparky's New Bike" and is from BeatSuite and it also made an appearance in a different "Blendy Pens" commercial, and used for background music in the game "Tasty Planet: Back For Seconds".
  • Summer Party - The song "Guadeloupe Beach Party" is a song by Opus 1.
  • Christmas Party - The song "Jingle Bells" is by Bjorn Lynne from Music Case
  • Winter Luau, April Fools Party 2011 and 12, Operation: Blackout, Teen Beach Jam, Music Jam '14, Finding Dory Party - The song "Honolulu Honey" is a song by Jeremy Sherman.


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