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Moderator badge

The old Moderator badge.

123K1 prehistoric mod

During the Prehistoric Party 2013 & Prehistoric Party 2014.

Safety Quiz Logo 2014

The new Moderator badge.

Moderators (aka CSR which is the abbreviation of "Client Support Representative"), originally referred to as Player Support Representatives, or "PSR's", are the people who work for Club Penguin and help keep it safe by banning players who have broken the rules. There are over 300 moderators worldwide. Thirteen of the most known moderators are Skidder, Billybob, Rsnail, Happy77, Gizmo, Screenhog, Polo Field, Daffodaily5, Businesmoose, Ninja, Tour Guide, Spike Hike and Megg. Club Penguin moderators used to have a moderator badge on the upper-right corner of their Player Card, but this was taken off so moderators can be undercover when moderating the island. The badge is identical to the badge with the letter "M" at the upper-right corner of the screen.

The moderator will ban you and/or kick you out of the server if you are caught breaking the Club Penguin rules.

List of Moderators

Main article: List of Club Penguin Staff Members

There are over 200 moderators supervising Club Penguin. This article lists the known ones. There are 72 known moderators; 7 have retired. To become a moderator, you must be over 18 years old and live near any Club Penguin staff offices worldwide. Most moderators aren't allowed to give out their penguin's names and many of them have more than one penguin. Most of the moderators sit in the room without interacting with any players and just watch for players who are breaking the Club Penguin Rules.


  • Live moderators were first used on September 30, 2005.[1]
  • They can wear clothes and colors not available to regular penguins, for example: Dark Black.
  • The moderators' main accounts are all Ultimate Safe Chat, yet they can still use regular chat.
  • Moderators have access to all items ever created, even if it is a bait item.
    • Moderators can also access future parties, although they can only know of the next upcoming party. This also explains the party sneak peeks.
  • The badge is very similar to the sign of Route 66, a famous road in America.
  • You must be 18 or over to apply to be a moderator.
  • A while back, a confusion started about a penguin named Maxlowe. People thought he was a moderator. However, this was proven wrong.
  • Happy77 owns another account called Luv2dance160 and Gizmo owned an account called Vader2006.
  • Nickname1 is Rsnail's test penguin.
    • Nickname1 was also the very first penguin on Club Penguin followed by Nickname2, Nickname3 and Nickname4 according to a tweet by Rsnail.[2]
  • Most of the moderators ban their accounts forever when they log-off and un-ban them when they log in. This is to make sure hackers do not access the accounts.
  • There have been several moderators that comment on the What's New Blog than just Polo Field and Spike Hike. There are many other moderators such as "Shadow Kat" for example.
    • The moderators' comments, on the blog, appear in blue to prove they are real moderators, and not impersonators.


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