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Mexican Vase
Mexican Vase
Available No
Member furniture Yes
Type Room Furniture
Category Room
Cost 320 coins/Free
Furniture ID 340
Unlockable No

The Mexican Vase was a room furniture item in Club Penguin. It cost 320 coins each in the Better Igloos catalog, and only members could buy it. It could also be obtained by Puffle Digging.


Catalog Available from Available until
Better Igloos January 19, 2007 November 15, 2007
January 18, 2008 April 18, 2008
June 10, 2011 October 13, 2011

Puffle Digging

Where found Available from Available until
Puffle Digging July 11, 2013 March 30, 2017


  • The vase was widely used as part of the decoration of Winter Fiestas, where it had flowers in it.
  • Some were featured in the January 2009 issue of the Penguin Style, also with flowers inside them. One of the vases also had some chili peppers tied around it with a rope.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseVaso Mexicano
FrenchLe Vase Mexicain
SpanishJarrón mexicano
GermanMexikanische Vase
RussianМексиканская ваза

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